I don't think my NObreath is reading correctly

Why is my NObreath showing the wrong readings?

nObreath-incorrect-readingIf you suspect your 2nd generation NObreath is not reading correctly, there are a number of reasons:

  1. Readings might be higher/lower than expected if the mouthpiece was not fully inserted, or if the exhaust holes on the back of the NObreath were covered during the breath test. Please ensure the mouthpiece was connected properly at all times during the breath test and that the patient's hands were not covering the exhaust holes on the back of the device.
  2. Has the NObreath device come into contact with Alcohol? Alcohol contaminations will affect the electrochemical sensor inside the device. Ensure no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) are used on the device and accessories related to the device, this includes any alcohol-based products and spraying any aerosols/room spray near where the device is used. If you suspect your NObreath may have been exposed to high levels of VOC's,  for example from cleaning agents, you should allow the device to rest for up to 24 hours in a VOC-free environment.
  3. Incorrect readings could be a result of your device's pump not running correctly. You will need to charge your device fully to correct your pump.

If the problem persists or has not been resolved by the information provided above, please contact Bedfont or your local distributor for more advice.