Why is my Gastro+ reading incorrectly?

Why is my Gastro+ showing wrong results?

Gastro+-incorrectThere are a number of reasons why the Gastro+ Gastrolyzer might give incorrect readings:

  1. When performing a breath test, ensure that the vent hole on the back of the monitor is not blocked and that the mouthpieces are attached properly during tests.
  2. Ensure that the test is performed in a well-ventilated area and no alcohol-based products, VOC's, aerosols, or room sprays are used on or in the presence of the device as these contaminations will affect the sensor within the device.
  3. If the sensor has drifted, or there was a previous miscalibration, then you will need to perform a calibration reset. Please refer to the Calibration section of the Gastro+ manual for instructions.
  4. It may be that your test is showing high H2 cross-sensitivity. Please get in touch with your distributor to arrange a sensor replacement or service.

If the problem persists or has not been resolved by the information provided above, please contact Bedfont or your local distributor for more advice.