How to take a test with the NObreath?

How do I use the NObreath?

  1. First open and insert a new mouthpiece into the NObreath® device.
  2. To start a breath test, select either the adult or child patient icon on screen. As prompted onscreen, take a deep breath. Do not inhale through the mouthpiece. Press the home button at any time to cancel the breath test.
  3. When the exhale icon displays, blow gently into the mouthpiece, making sure the vent holes on the back of the device are not covered. The onscreen flow meter will guide the patient on the exhalation rate.
  4. A green tick onscreen indicates a successful test. The results will then be shown onscreen in ppb (parts per billion) Return to the home screen by pressing the home button or save the result to a patient profile.
  5. If the patient exhales outside of the exhalation guidelines, the test will beep before indicating an unsuccessful test and a red cross will appear. Press the retry icon to retake the test or the next arrow to view the result.

View the below video for more information on how to take a breath test with the NObreath.



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