GastroCH4ECK Infection Control Guidelines

What are the GastroCH4ECK Infection Control Guidelines?

For Bedfont GastroCH4ECK Gastrolyzer

Before using any of the above equipment, the operating manual should be read and fully understood.

Infection control

Washing hands before and after testing is highly recommended for both operator and user as part of a sensible infection control regime.

The monitors can use either a GastroCH4ECK Gastrolyzer mouthpiece that connects to the monitor via a sampling line, or a breath sample can be obtained via a sample breath bag. GastroCH4ECK Gastrolyzer mouthpieces and breath bags are single-use only as re-use can increase the risk of cross-infection.

The GastroCH4ECK Gastrolyzer direct breath sample mouthpieces enable patients to exhale directly into the monitor with instant results. The mouthpiece itself is specifically designed with the latest bacterial filtration to remove >99% of airborne bacteria and viruses, further removing any moisture from the patient’s breath.

The GastroCH4ECK Gastrolyzer breath bags have been specifically developed to capture as much of the end-tidal sample as possible. Breath samples can also be stored in these bags for up to one month, with no loss of concentration, making them ideal for remote testing and analysing at a later date.

One-way breath bag mouthpieces are supplied to ensure no loss of sample and increased infection control.

The GastroCH4ECK Gastrolyzer device comes with a moisture removal filter.

The filter will gradually change colour from orange (dry) to dark green (saturated), indicating that replacement is required. Unlike some, Bedfont use only non-carcinogenic drying methods for optimum safety.

Please note that these have a three month shelf life and will last for approximately 150 samples.

If the problem persists or has not been resolved by the information provided above, please contact Bedfont or your local distributor for more advice.