NObreath Routine Maintenance Guidelines

What are the NObreath Routine Maintenance Guidelines?

Routine maintenance

See the operating manual for full maintenance instructions.

  • The NObreath should be calibrated at least annually or the NO sensor should be replaced
  • NO sensor should be replaced every 5 years
  • The NO scrubber should be replaced annually
  • The breath drying cartridge should be replaced every 5 years
  • It is best practice to not let the battery run flat


Wipe the external surfaces of the instrument with a product specifically developed for this purpose. Bedfont provides instrument cleansing wipes that contain an antimicrobial liquid. It is recommended that wipes are used once and for one surface only. The NObreath device should be cleaned for initial use and after each patient use.

NEVER use alcohol or cleaning products containing alcohol or other organic solvents as these vapours will damage the sensor within the instrument.

Under no circumstances should the instrument be immersed in or splashed with liquid.


Contact Bedfont or your local distributor for replacements:

  • Single-use mouthpiece
  • Alcohol-free instrument cleansing wipes


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If the problem persists or has not been resolved by the information provided above, please contact Bedfont or your local distributor for more advice.